David C. Bentall
I have known Bob for over a decade. He is a man’s man: An accomplished triathlete, an outstanding leadership coach and workshop facilitator. He is a “giver” who leads generously from his heart. His passionate desire is to serve his wife, family, friends and clients. His love for God is both his motivation and his strength. He is an inspiration and it is a privilege to call him my friend.
Clay Dewees
Men's & Adult Ministries Pastor Stonebridge Church | Former KPMG Regional Partner
When I think of the characteristics I look for in a coach/business advisor, I think of traits like honesty, integrity, wisdom and experience. Bob has all of those. For all those characteristics to be effective, however, that person must first listen intently and ask thoughtful questions. Bob does both of those extremely well too.

Maybe most importantly, I want someone who cares. Someone who cares about my business, but more importantly cares about me. Someone, who can raise the difficult issues with me. The ones I don’t see or that I keep putting off. The ones I don’t really want to hear about. I want someone who can do that in a positive, constructive manner.

Bob Koenig recognizes the importance of highly effective people and he cares enough to do his very best to help each client get there. That is why I count on him as one of my own advisors.

Terry Weaver
Director/Founder - VEL Institute
I have worked with Bob Koenig for over four years now. He is the best coach I have ever experienced with respect to pulling the best out of people. He is a mentor and world class coach. Bob has a unique way of helping leaders discover solutions for personal improvement, leadership development and overall problem solving ability. My life is richer and I have benefited greatly from Bob’s 30+ years of developing and coaching leaders. I have played high school sports, served in the U.S. Military, and attended one of the largest Universities in the country. Of my experience with leaders, Bob stands out as one of the greatest in my life.
Justin Gilliam
My wife and I got to know the Koenig’s while in their Stonebridge Church Small Group from 2014-2016. I am fortunate to consider Bob a true friend, mentor, and coach. Bob is an unbelievable listener with amazing perspective and understanding. I walk away from every conversation encouraged, challenged and with an improved perspective. He is an incredibly effective leader and communicator that everyone would benefit having in their life.