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 Drilling Contractor; Houston, TX


Client Question

”The culture of our workforce is resistant to change regarding safety. As a result, we are injuring too many employees and losing credibility with our customers. What can Andrew Coaching do to help us create sustainable change around safety?“


AC Response

Andrew Coaching utilized the key components of pre-existing safety training within the organization, and coached leaders to bring an intense focus to key safety metrics coupled with heightened, consistent accountability.



This drilling contractor had one of the largest fleet on rigs operating in the U.S., but was outside the top five contractors in safety metrics – a primary KPI for energy operators when considering a drilling contractor. After experiencing 7 fatalities in a single year and attempting to address this issue with a succession of safety programs, safety progress had plateaued at a level that was still unacceptable internally and externally.



Andrew Coaching coached regional management to begin utilizing scorecards for safety metrics and to establish regular team meetings where Superintendents gave account for all key metrics including safety. The consistent peer pressure among Superintendents provided the necessary friction to create SMART Action Plans that produced real results. This momentum also provided a catalyst for innovating new ideas and processes to improve safety and deal with root cause issues for incidents. Annual incidents totaling in the hundreds have now been reduced to single digits per quarter. Over four years, safety metrics improved 84% and allowed this contractor to sign $1.7 billion worth of new term contracts with Tier One operators.


“In 2006, there were 7 fatalities on our rigs. In 2010, our Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) was 5.18. While we were the second largest land-based drilling contractor in the US, we were outside the top five in safety metrics. Through your hard work we closed 2015 with a TRIR of 0.81 – leading the industry for the first time in our history."


 - Senior Vice President, Drilling Contractor; Houston, TX

84% improvement in Total Recordable Incident Rate (Safety)

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