Our Discovery Day is a free consultation with your organization utilizing four processes to assess the alignment and the gaps between management, your front line employees and your bottom line results.


  • Senior Management Meeting: SWOT discussion combined with current business metrics and KPI goals for the upcoming 12 and 24 months.
  • 1:1 interviews with Senior Leaders: gathering individual feedback on the cohesiveness of the Senior Team.
  • Organizational Principled Leadership Assessment: an online survey completed by senior and middle managers to provide confidential feedback on the leadership culture of the organization.
  • Employee Engagement Survey: an online survey completed by all employees to reach an overall employee engagement score and identify crucial opportunities related to employee engagement.


We complete the Discovery Day process by delivering a summary report outlining the feedback acquired from Senior Leaders, Middle Managers and Front Line Employees. The report will detail the alignment of these groups relative to company KPIs, leadership culture and engagement. The key value of this report is the identification of gaps in alignment that will block or neutralize the successful achievement of the company KPIs.


The Focus Day is the next step in our process designed to address the gaps in alignment. A Focus Day will include:


  • Key Management Meeting: Senior Management and a representation of middle and front line managers gathered to digest the feedback from the consultation.
  • Pinpoint Critical Opportunities: Andrew Coaching will facilitate the Key Managers in identifying the top 5-6 critical opportunities and corresponding root causes arising from the Discovery Day Report feedback, and prioritizing each opportunity.
  • SMART Action Plans: Action plans will be designed and developed to address each of the critical opportunities, with each plan possessing defined owners, action items and deadlines.

The Focus Day is completed with the delivery of a summary report detailing the Crucial Opportunities with the corresponding Action Plans, positioning the Client to take action on these opportunities. The Client has the option to retain Andrew Coaching to assist in addressing the opportunities. Andrew Coaching will prepare a proposal outlining an implementation of Principled Leadership matching the scope and pace of the client’s needs that will empower the client to achieve the objectives rising from the crucial opportunities.

In a Principled Leadership Implementation, Andrew Coaching Coaches will work directly with Senior Leaders, coaching them on the foundational and fundamental aspects of leadership and management that are consistently utilized in successful organizations. Principled Leadership embodies the timeless leadership character qualities, key behaviors and results focus that enable leaders and organizations to execute on their goals and yield world-class performance. A Principled Leadership Implementation involves several key structures:


  • Pathways to Principled Leadership Training: The coach will provide initial training in the key aspects of Principled Leadership ~ measurement/KPIs; The Coaching Model; and Principled Leadership Qualities ~ and facilitates discussion on the application of these concepts to the crucial opportunities.
  • Scorecards: The client will develop Scorecards to define success, for both Key Performance Indicators of the organization and also for the crucial opportunities. The Scorecards will be utilized consistently to display progress on goals and as a focal point in meetings.
  • 1:1 Coaching and Team Coaching: The coach will conduct regular 1:1 Meetings (twice per month) with each leader and Team Meetings (a Leader and her/his team ~ monthly). In 1:1s and Team Meetings, Leaders and team members will give account for progress on action plans, give and receive feedback on that progress and create new action plans to continue the progress.
  • Principled Leadership Assessment (PLA): The PLA is a 360-degree online assessment tool to provide leaders with feedback on their leadership. Leaders will be assessed 2-3 per year by a group consisting of: supervisors, peers and direct reports. The coach will receive and score the feedback, and coach the leader on creating action plans to develop her/his leadership.


By developing the discipline to consistently utilize these execution structures at a high level, and receive and respond to the PLA feedback, leaders have led their teams and organizations to world-class performance and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.