Case Study


 Drilling Contractor;

Houston, TX


Client Question

“A key metric for our customers is mobilization. If we don’t improve, our customers will go to our competitors. How will Principled Leadership impact our mobilization metrics?”


AC Response

Principled Leadership brings excellence and acceleration in execution to any process, including mobilization. We won’t reinvent your process, we will coach you to execute it better and more consistently than ever before.



In a twelve-month period, customers were spending $900 million in mobilization costs in addition to the primary expenses involved in the actual drilling processes. If new efficiencies weren’t developed and realized in the mobilization metrics, the drilling contractor was at risk of losing market share and key clients.



Andrew Coaching was asked to provide Principled Leadership coaching to impact mobilization metrics. The Rig Move Cycle Time Improvement of 21% in 2013 caused a savings in excess of $160 million for the client’s customers. The client had continued to apply Principled Leadership concepts to its mobilization efforts. By early 2016, mobilization metrics had experienced an additional 62% improvement, saving hundreds of millions of dollars for their customers in the process. It is of note that this radical level of continued improvement has created a competitive advantage in the client’s market from when Andrew Coaching started the implementation.


"Over the past year, our Rig Move Cycle Time (RMCT) has reduced from 5.59 days to 4.43 days per rig move, a tremendous improvement. But who gains the most from this improvement? Our customers! With over 2,000 rig moves at a conservative cost of $80,000 per day, we saved our customers $160 million this past year."


-President, Drilling Contractor; Houston, Texas


21% improvement in Mobilization  (single year)


million in savings for customers

62% continued improvement in Mobilization

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