There are Six Critical Questions that every employee is asking

and their answers may surprise you.


Andrew Coaching's Principled Leadership process helps leaders answer these questions by focusing on RESULTS, BEHAVIORS and CHARACTER.

6 Critical Questions

There are six critical questions that every employee asks (either verbally or in their head).


  • What is my job?
  • How am I doing?
  • Does anybody care?
  • How is our team doing?
  • How do we fit into the big picture?
  • How can I help us win?


When employees can answer the first five questions, they are much more likely to ask question number six. Principled Leadership is designed for leaders to work with their employees to answer the first five questions and empower them to ask number six. Our proven process helps leaders manage their business and lead their people more effectively which translates into bottom-line results.


We help leaders answer these questions by training and coaching leaders on three primary areas of focus- Results, Behaviors and Character.





"If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time."


Do your people know their target?


How’s their aim?


“The number one motivator of people…is making progress. Number 2 isn’t even close.”

-Daniel Pink, Author of Drive


Metrics allow us to keep score and see the progress as it occurs. Our results today have been determined by the choices and behaviors we have made in the past. Metrics are an indication of how we have done. Our current behaviors are perfectly aligned with the results we are getting. Metrics set us up to make changes in what we choose to do and how we behave in the future to improve results.


Andrew Coaching helps leaders to define key metrics, how to engage employees around these metrics and how to develop SMART Action Plans that will move the metrics.




70% of workers in America are disengaged.

-Most recent Gallup study


Engaged employees are 40% more productive.


How much money are you burning with disengaged employees?


Engagement is at the heart of what we call The Coaching Model® . The Coaching Model® was developed to provide leaders with the opportunity to influence employee performance. It incorporates the essential behaviors of expectations, accountability, feedback and engagement. A leader’s effectiveness at utilizing these elements will determine, to a large degree, the success of their employees and teams. There are two components to a successful implementation: doing something and doing it well. Both are essential.


Expectations Answers

“What’s my job?”


Accountability Answers

“How am I/Team doing?”


Feedback Answers

“Does anybody care?”


Engaged Employees Ask and Answer

“How can I help us win?”




“You are the most difficult person you’ll ever lead.”


What’s life like for those who work for you?


From the work of bestselling author of The Servant, James Hunter says "a leader will consistently demonstrate growth in 8 qualities of character. Hunter goes on to say that "these eight qualities epitomize the very essence of leadership. And not only do these qualities define leadership - they embody the true meaning of character."


8 Qualities of Character


  • Patience: showing self-control.
  • Kindness: giving attention, appreciation, and encouragement.
  • Humility: being authentic and without pretense or arrogance.
  • Respectfulness: treating others as important people.
  • Selflessness: meeting the needs of others.
  • Forgiveness: giving up resentment when wronged.
  • Honesty: being free from deception.
  • Commitment: sticking to your choices.


Andrew Coaching works with leaders to develop these qualities. While all three circles (Results, Behavior and Character) are essential focuses for a successful leader, how companies treat people is the advantage that will sustain growth by creating a culture of developing people.

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