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Bottom-Line Results Through Principled Leadership

Client Results & Testimonials

Andrew Coaching - Building Principled Leaders | Client Results and Testimonials

Andrew Coaching Clients Include:

  • Caterpillar

  • Patterson-UTI

  • Conrad Industries

  • Precision Drilling

  • BNSF Railway

  • Halliburton, Gulf of Mexico

    • Baroid

    • Production Enhancement

    • Supply Chain

  • Riceland Foods, Inc.

  • Grey Wolf Drilling

  • Fugro Inc.


  • Begneaud Manufacturing

  • Quality Machine Services

  • Moncla Well Service, Inc.

Past Clients with RLG International:

  • Halliburton Energy Services

    • Gulf Coast 1995–'97

    • Mid Continent 1994

  • Riceland Foods 1993

  • Saskatchewan Wheat Pool 1989–'92

  • Boeing 2001–'03

  • Williams 1998–2000

Client Results

The Return on Investment (ROI) that Clients receive is directly proportional to their ownership and accountability for the results and cultural change. Andrew Coaching provides the coaching to ensure that the Clients achieve their required ROI. A minimum expected ROI is 4/1 after two (2) years.

Examples of dollar ($) impact and improved results:

  • $3.8-million savings in Maintenance Costs (Oil and Gas Service)

  • $3-million savings in Cost (Aerospace)

  • $2.4-million impact on Materials/Procurement (Oil and Gas Service)

  • $2-million savings in Cost (Rice Milling)

  • $1-million impact on Quality (Rice Milling)

  • 81% improvement in Safety (Oil and Gas Drilling)

  • 52% improvement in Quality (Aerospace)

  • 35% improvement in Engagement (Heavy Equipment Manufacturer)

  • 84% improvement in Safety (Heavy Equipment Manufacturer)

  • 55% improvement in Safety (Rice Milling)

  • 55% improvement in Inventory (Aerospace)

  • 26% improvement in Cycle Time (Aerospace)

Results are tracked and documented by the Client and the dollar ($) impact calculated.


Plant Manager - Caterpillar
“It’s been a year since our initial launch of Principled Leadership, and as I look back, I’ve seen significant improvement in our overall scorecard. We have 4 top tier metrics: People, Quality, Velocity and Cost. We’ve seen a 64% improvement in People (Safety), a 30% improvement in Quality (Defects per Unit), a 94% improvement in Velocity (Inventory Turns), and a 28% improvement in Cost (Variable Labor & Burden). Andrew Coaching and their Pathways to Principled Leadership were a big part of our success. I can attest that Principled Leadership brought Bottom-Line Results to our facility.”
– Paul Rivera, Plant Manager, Caterpillar; North Little Rock, Arkansas

President of Patterson - UTI Drilling Company LLC
"When I was first introduced to Andrew Coaching, our company was struggling getting things done, especially followup and accountability. Their simple but effective "Coaching Model" showed me how we could plug our metrics and action plans into a process that gets results. And that is exactly what has happened. Through their workshops and ongoing coaching, our key metrics have shown dramatic improvement. And our managers at all levels are developing leadership skills that are giving us a competitive advantage."
- Mike Holcomb, President of Patterson-UTI Drilling Company LLC

Senior Vice President of Patterson - UTI Drilling Company LLC
"Before Principled Leadership came to Patterson-UTI, our success was being limited by lack of process, follow-up, and accountable measured achievement. Implementing Principled Leadership has given us the ability to achieve results that we have otherwise been unable to achieve on our own. Principled Leadership has helped us to create processes with structure; this has allowed us to truly see what our people are capable of when they are empowered and accountable.

And one significant bottom-line result from our employees being more engaged and productive is that we have maintained market-share in a softening market. This may not have been the case prior to Principled Leadership."
- Mike Garvin, Senior Vice President of Patterson-UTI Drilling Company LLC

President - Nomac Drilling
In 2008, Grey Wolf Drilling partnered with Andrew Coaching in an effort to improve certain operational metrics. All objectives were achieved as each metric showed material improvement across all operating areas. In fact, Andrew Coaching’s unique process of clearly defined expectations, rigorous measurement and individual accountability delivered the best annual improvement in the Company’s history. I fully endorse their approach for any organization focused on improving results.
- Jay Minmier, President, Nomac Drilling

Vice President – Riceland Foods, Inc.
"Employees can now see how their actions and reactions impact the bottom line and they feel far more responsible for it. They previously knew or thought very little about the bottom line. That was someone else's line. They now know that the bottom line belongs to their TEAM and that the bottom line is a direct reflection of their TEAM!!"
- Rick Rorex, Vice President, Rice Milling and Engineering

Philadelphia Site Manager and Director of Operations – Boeing
"Referring to Jim Collins' Good to Great book, Coach Bob Koenig has helped me become, or nearly become, a level 5 leader. I considered myself a good leader and manager before Bob's coaching, but I am a much better leader and manager today. He helped me strengthen my resolve to be the leader that people want to follow, all the while being servant to them. At the same time, Bob helped me to improve my management skills by greatly intensifying my focus on individual and team accountability. My team and I are having much more fun today because we are winners."
- Tim Coyle, Site Manager and Director of Operations