Our Story


Our founder, Bob Koenig, began his career as a manager in the mining industry. He learned the hard way that when the involvement of employees decreased, so did the results.  When he got back to basics and created a culture where leaders and employees were encouraged to contribute their ideas, he saw a dramatic increase in their effectiveness. He also found that his job got easier. It was from these early years that the seeds of Principled Leadership were planted.


This experience led Bob to work at an international consulting company where he coached leaders in a variety of industries. He spent more than a decade focusing on results and behavior change, earning the "Best of the Best" award for two of those years.


Following this time, he realized that an essential component to results and behavior was an emphasis on people, specifically how leaders treat those under their authority. In 2003 Bob launched Andrew Coaching by taking best practices and research on employee engagement, leadership development and character growth and created Principled Leadership. The combination of a breakthrough process that consistently delivers results coupled with ongoing personal coaching has contributed to clients who have grown their employees while developing leaders. Since that time, thousands of employees have been impacted by Principled Leadership training, individual and team coaching from our team of outstanding coaches.



  • During a Principled Leadership Implementation by Andrew Coaching, a Client can expect the following outcomes:
  • Dramatic Improvement of Key Performance Indicators
  • Effective Management Structures
  • Heightened Demonstration of Positive Character Qualities
  • Reduction of Inconsistencies
  • Maximized Engagement and Production from Employees
  • A Competitive Advantage in the Market Segment
  • Leaders at All Levels Demonstrating Decisive Leadership