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Bottom-Line Results Through Principled Leadership

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Principle – timeless, foundational truth.

Andrew Coaching builds Principled Leaders while they are improving the bottom line by providing the coaching and structures for them to:

  1. Improve the bottom line

  2. Develop their people and

  3. Reinforce the values of their organization.

What bottom-line results would your team achieve and how would your culture improve if:

  • Your expectations are clear

  • You regularly give individuals and teams the opportunity to “give account”

  • Your response to people “giving account” demonstrates that you care about them and want them to win

  • You effectively deliver performance based feedback (positive and negative)

  • Employees are truly engaged in the business and have input into those decisions that affect their performance

  • You give employees what they need (as opposed to what they want)

  • You demonstrate character in all your interactions with all people

  • You are disciplined and keep commitments

The above attributes describe a Principled Leader. Principled leadership is:

  • Results Focused

  • Behavior Based

  • Character Driven